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Mega Jaya Logam

CV MEGA JAYA LOGAM is a company engaged in the field of metal casting and machining industry, under the leadership of H. Bambang Setiawan, SE.   CV MEGA JAYA LOGAM has two production kitchens. namely the kitchen with a capacity of 30 Ton kupola and induction kitchen with a capacity of 1/2 Ton once cast or 4 tons per day. So we can produce many quality with fast time. we have been experienced in the field of casting for decades. So we already know how to produce the best quality products. our products are of good quality. CVMEGA JAYA METAL products have been spread in various cities in Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke CV MEGA JAYA LOGAM already has a company license, we already have the deed of incorporation of companies that have registered in notary we also have SIUP, HO, TDP. so we are not a company abal abal or fictitious company. we have our own foundry factory and finishing factory. so we are not a falish abal abal company. CV MEGA JAYA LOGAM also has ISO certificate 2008: 9001 with a good management system and is well organized. With the existence of a good management system there will be a control system at each stage. So the Products we produce have good quality, choice and superior. CV MEGA JAYA LOGAM has several experts9 in the field. from start office admin, smelting machine operator, lathe operator, finishing expert, design team and others. The excellent products we produce are as follows:     Bollard / Bolder     Grill Manhole, Grill Plants, Water Catching Grill, etc.     Deck Drain     Roof Drain     Light poles     Hydrant     All products made from Besi Cor (FC), FCD, Mangan Steel, Steel, Aluminum, Bronze, Alfa Bronze Etc     Street Signpost     PJU lampposts     Park bench We serve casting services in accordance with customer orders. Not only for local customers, but we also serve orders from all over Indonesia and even abroad. CV. Mega Jaya Logam has been awarded ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System   Immediately contact us for reservations and further information     CV MEGA JAYA LOGAM     New Brackets, Batur, Ceper, Klaten, Central Java     Phone: (0272) 555764     HP: 08122592638     Fax: (0272) 555764     E-mail: and     Instagram: @megajayalogam

Metal Casting Services
CV. Mega Jaya Logam works with dozens of metal foundries in various materials. Are you looking for Metal Casting Services? We can meet your needs. Metal Casting is one of the oldest metal fabrication methods in the world. In short, the metal is heated to a liquid level. Then the material is poured into a mold that has been designed with an appropriate negative space and gating to allow the liquid metal to effectively fill it all. After the metal has time to cool and adjust, the metal part can be removed from the mold for finishing. Metal Casting Services Methodology CV. Mega Jaya Logam utilizes experienced experts. CV. Mega Jaya Logam Metal Casting Services provider has produced products and services that are widely used by companies from various industrial sectors in Indonesia such as mining and quarrying companies, processing industries, construction, transportation and warehousing and others.

Complete Metal Casting Services
We make Metal Casting Services by choosing from high quality metal casting materials so that the results of metal molds will be formed to be good and not easily damaged in the finished form. Our Metal Casting Services only choose the best materials according to our years of experience in this field.

Metal Casting Techniques
In the production process of Metal Casting Services we have special metal casting techniques that can make printed metal molds properly and form materials into finished.

Professional Metal Casting Services
Since 2008 we have established many customers who use Metal Casting Services because we have experienced and professional employees. So if you are looking for a company that provides Metal Casting Services, please contact us for information on prices, specifications, product details and ordering of Metal Casting Services.